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When PR works. It works.


Article posted by Ben Greenstreet

Learn how we positioned our Executive Search brand, Eastward Partners, as a leading voice in the Private Equity Search market without spending a dollar on articles or advertorials. We landed coverage in the likes of Reuters, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, the Drawdown, Private Funds CFO, Yahoo Finance and more.

The Client.

Eastward Partners' mission is to provide A+ executive search strategies that are a step change to the way other firms approach complex human capital challenges. They’re achieving this by using an in-house proprietary tech-stack to provide bespoke human capital data to clients, putting insights at the heart of the search process.

​Whilst the goal given to us by the Eastward team was primarily to earn topically relevant coverage in top-tier media, the main business goal is, of course, to leverage the tactic to drive brand awareness; increasing rankings, traffic and revenue as a result of our activity.

The Idea.

Here’s a look at how we came up with the concept of using Eastward’s Insight Reports as the centre of our PR campaign.

​A huge challenge in hiring executive professionals is the lack of available talent on the market, and when found, are hard to attract to a business. There is little transparency on compensation and benefits as well as the general private equity talent market. Eastward’s insights reports relieve this pain, sharing the hard data behind compensation, stand out moves, and industry hiring trends. These are just some of the frustrations that clients in private equity, where Eastward specialize, hold around the difficulty in finding talent.

​We knew we had a hook to Eastward’s insight-led approach to executive search; the lack of transparency surrounding compensation, Private Equity hiring market conditions, and how to leverage both to attract top talent in Private Equity.

The Execution.

​When launching data-driven campaigns, we’re always looking for as many angles as possible. We broke the reports down into a number of key sections, each highlighting the standout stories we wanted to tell. We leveraged Eastward’s knowledge of the private equity hiring market too, interviewing the Partners and Research Team which gave us a steer on where to find some more angles: ​

  • Funds Turn To Portfolio Understaffing Issues As Deal Activity Slows

  • Compensation Amongst PE Talent Surges To New High Report Finds

  • Top PE Executive Talent Caught Short by Extended Hold Periods

  • Miami taps New York City for Private Equity Talent

​We used a press release, the reports themselves and honed our pitch, targeting PE journalists, sharing the stories behind the Private Equity Human Capital Market’s metrics.

​By taking a great idea, backing it up with data and using an engaging asset, we told a story that journalists at multiple publications wanted to cover.

Published in 30+ media outlets including:

  • Reuters

  • The Wall Street Journal

  • Business Insider

  • Yahoo Finance!

  • The Drawdown

  • Private Equity International

  • Private Equity Hub

  • Private Funds CFO

  • And more!

​ The Eastward team saw a surge in inquiries and continue to source inquiries from across digital media.