Artius is a proprietary due diligence (DD) tool developed by Tempting Ventures that benchmarks potential investments. We use Artius to select investments but also to track our investments through the lens of a potential buyer. We aim to ensure our Portfolio scores higher in a DD process than any other competitor.

When we built Artius we approached our considerable network to benchmark the tool against their own DD process. But what we weren’t expecting was to be approached to use the tool to diagnose specific areas of their portfolio.

Artius benchmarks across talent attraction and retention, market and sales strategy as well as operations, marketing, value drivers, corporate governance, finance function and key man risk. It provides a score out of 180, broken down by segment, offering a complete assessment of your business's operational health and growth potential.

Yes, we get approached by recruitment businesses for advice, but we take the approach that if they are worth advising, they are worth investment.

Discover how Hello Fresh (now listed, but at the time a Rocket Internet Investment), FSE Fund Group and a seriously successful (and cool) businessman benefitted from our time below.

Artius due diligence tool

Hello Fresh testimonial

Ryan advised our Senior Management and HR Team on topics around Talent Attraction and Hiring, at a time when the business was going through a period rapid growth and expansion. Ryan's advice was insightful, practical and incredibly engaging - offering food for thought on topics of Employer Branding, the hiring process and Retention.

As a result of Ryan's insights, our HR and Senior Management teams spent time aligning on 'what excellence means for HelloFresh', when we think about the candidates we hire and the process we follow to hire them. Having this clear vision allowed us to build a simple, streamlined recruitment process, where we sought to provide an exciting, yet realistic view of what it means to work for the business and the candidate's potential journey ahead. The end result, being an additional 233 staff members hired to the HelloFresh UK Family.

Whilst our Talent Attraction and Hiring strategy continues to be a work in progress as we mature as a business, the key takeaways from Ryan certainly guide our decisions and are instilled in the minds of our Senior Management team. He's an engaging speaker who offers practical advice and is always available to offer guidance. It's a pleasure working with him!"

Chloe Bartle
People Lead at Hello Fresh UK


​"We have used Ryan on a number of occasions to advise portfolio companies on how best to structure and review their sales team members, processes and operations. The feedback from management teams has always been excellent and his input highly valued. He has an amazing ability to pinpoint flaws in the process that others had overlooked, recommend short and long-term improvements and produce results. He is great fun to work with, is a real people person and is able to get the best out of team members across a range of industries and seniority, from junior sales team members to board level directors and advisers. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan."

Avent Bezuidenhoudt

Senior Fund Manager at The FSE Group

"Working with Tempting Ventures has taken our business to another level in a very short period of time. They are professional, structured and know how to drive results. Bringing them onto the team has proven to be a very smart move."

Simon Redgrave

Investor in tech recruitment and ex Head of Advice at Close Brothers.