Our Investment Strategy

What tempting ventures can do for you

We want to work with smart people in smart markets. Not smart people in declining markets – that’s an inefficient use of time and talent.

We don’t invest easily but once we do, we give our full support to every business; big and small. Our entire infrastructure covering strategy, tech stack, operation functions and talent attraction will be with you from day one.

We build all our recruitment businesses on three things – we call these our Value Accelerators.

Our Value Accelerators


We strategically position your business in the right markets

We work with you to define your market into a specific, focussed and niche vertical. We identify your market by using the following traits; each one of these needs to be met before we enter a market or industry.

  • In the US or select European countries

  • High growth

  • High value

  • Candidate short

  • Technology-enabled

We find you amazing people to grow your business

Whether you need senior management, established fee earners or entry-level hires; our combined industry connections supported by Tempting Talent (the largest Rec2Rec business in America) have an unrivalled network and reputation that has been built over many years.

Our talent acquisition team is instrumental in growing our recruitment brands and are experts in employer branding too. This specialist function will enable you to find and attract the best talent needed to grow your business.

We build you a brand to delight clients and overtake competitors

We have built a unique marketing function that allows recruitment businesses to plug in and quickly grow talent pools and generate leads. We cut through the marketing bullsh*t and focus on amplifying your brand to customers to win business, not 'industry awards'.

Our businesses grow their reputation using high-value content and their personal brands to engage and convert across our marketing platforms. In 2020, our marketing team delivered a lead which generated $350,000 in one deal alone.

and the other stuff we dO

When your business takes off and you feel you've bitten off more than you can chew, we have your back by providing;

  • A finance team that supports and mentors you to create a robust finance function. This includes credit control, employee commission and payroll, cash flow, management accounts and end of year audited accounts, pay and bill for contractors in the UK, Europe and US (to include all insurances etc.), Board Pack production and Management Information.

  • A best-in-class invoice discounting facility that negates problems associated with export concentration or client concentration.

  • E2 and L1 Visa status for anyone in the Portfolio, allowing you to give opportunities to key staff to land and expand in the US.

  • Transparency across the Portfolio to create a highly competitive environment with cross-company leaderboards, competitions and incentives.

  • Training resources to quickly upskill your staff across recruitment processes and tech stacks.

  • Access to incentives beyond your company and the opportunity to build relationships with other companies.

  • A peer to peer network bringing together all the CEOs from the Portfolio to share experiences, learns and market opportunities.

  • HR support including employee contracts for the UK and US.

  • A heavily discounted tech stack giving your business access to top tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Vincere and Cloudcall, to name a few.

  • A network of offices in the US or UK that you can access full time or part-time.

  • A library of documentation and policies to help with the running of your business. (including all terms of business for perm and contract/contractors in the UK, Germany and US)

  • Assurance that your businesses is up to date with corporate governance.

  • In line with the overall investment strategy, our Board manages an investment portfolio across London, NY, Charlotte, San Diego, Austin, LA and Houston. This provides a wealth of regional expertise and a strong existing client base that you can leverage where it fits your niche.

  • Accelerated growth by sourcing market aligned investment opportunities and plugging them into your business.

  • Help to identify value drivers in your business and work with our tech partners to build management information reports giving critical management intelligence instantly.

  • Expertise in preparing businesses for exits through Management Buy Outs, Private Equity acquisition and listing


Full scope of investment support