The Recruitment Mentors Podcast and Ryan Cleland-Bogle

Exiting Your Recruitment Business

Ryan Cleland Bogle   Episode Post

Article posted by Ben Greenstreet

Tempting Ventures founder, Ryan Cleland-Bogle joined Hishem Azzouz on the Recruitment Mentors Podcast to discuss successfully scaling and exiting a recruitment business in the modern market.

Ryan provides valuable insight for recruitment business owners looking to scale, sell, or exit: 

  • Learn about the reality of selling to private equity firms and why it is uncommon in the recruitment industry.

  • Advice on growing your business which is centred around quality over quantity.

  • Caring about client relationships and why you should prioritise this.

  • Headcount and why it can be a vanity metric.

  • What are investors looking for when you want to exit or seek investment.

Listen to the podcast here

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